Telegraphy contests

The HSC Contest
1. Date and time Last Sunday in February and first Sunday in November.
  • First periode from 9 to 11 UTC
  • Second periode from 15 to 17 UTC
HSC Contests 2017 are on February 26th and November 5th, 2017.
2. Frequencies 3.5 MHz, 7 MHz, 14 MHz, 21 MHz und 28 MHz
3. Mode CW only
4. Stations to work All. Every station may be worked once per band and period.
5. Categories
  1. HSC members (max. 150 watts HF output)
  2. Non-members (max. 150 watts HF output)
  3. QRP (members and non-members, max. 5 watts HF output)
  4. SWL
  5. Checklog
6. Report Neu RST and HSC membership number, e.g. 599 1730.
Non-members: RST and NM, e.g. 599 NM.
No exchange of serial numbers. New: No slash after report anymore.
7. QSO points
  • 5 point per QSO with a member of the HSC of 1951.
  • 1 point per QSO with a non-member.
8. Summary Result = Sum of QSO points.
9. Log files New
  1. Log submission online only, see under 10.
  2. Data format is Cabrillo only. This format can be produced e.g. with the contest software LM from DL8WAA and the contest software from ARCOMM. Both programs have been adapted specially for the HSC-Contest and are available for free.
  3. Submit one single log file only for both contest parts.
  4. SWL: The same station can only appear in the log five times maximum per period.
  5. Deadline for all logs is 3 weeks after the contest.
  6. The results are published via the HSC Bulletin and on this HSC web site.
10. Send the log files to New Submit your log file here:

The status and the progress of submitted logs is available here as well.
For queries only (not log submission): Jörg Hahn, PA1MUC / DL3LUM,
11. Award Since 1998 HSC rewards the "HSC Contestchampion Of The Year". Therefore, you have to win both contests in the year. Changing the category is allowed, you may combine any. The winner receives a special award donated by HSC.
12. Results
(Acrobat PDF)
November 2017
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Feb/Nov 2013 Feb/Nov 2012 Feb/Nov 2011 Feb/Nov 2010
Feb/Nov 2009 Feb/Nov 2008 Feb/Nov 2007 Feb/Nov 2006
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German Telegraphy Contest Rules PDF download
  • Radio Telegraphy Club
  • Arbeitsgemeinschaft Telegrafie
  • Radio Telegraphy High Speed Club
Date and Time
  • Oktober 3rd, every year on the Day of the German Unity
  • 07:00 to 09:59 Uhr UTC
Participants All licensed amateurs and SWL's; at least one of the QSO partners must be located in Germany.
Frequencies 3.510 kHz to 3.560 kHz and 7.010 kHz to 7.040 kHz (new upper band edge in IARU region I)
Mode CW only (A1A)! The same station may be worked only once per band. The use of any automatic CW decoders violates the contest rules.
  1. QRP - less than 5 watts HF output
  2. Lowpower - between 5 and 100 watts HF output
  3. Highpower - more than 100 watts HF output
  4. SWL
Exchange RST and LDK.
LDK is the registration number of the county "Landkreis" or the autonomous city "kreisfreie Stadt" where the station is
  • 1 point per QSO
  • 2 points per QSO with a club station of one of the sponsoring clubs (at present DAØHSC, DKØHSC, DLØHSC, DKØRTC, DLØRTC, DFØACW, DF0AGC, DLØAGC, DKØAG, DLØCWW, and DLØDA).
  • SWL log entries must show both call signs and at least one complete exchange for each QSO.
Final score Final score = Total sum of QSO points
Logs The log must show the complete exchanges sent and received. For electronic logs please use STF-, CBR- or TXT-format. If you use LM from DL8WAA for your log generation or conversion then please send the generated LMF file. If your log software is not able to generate one of these formats any other ASCII-format is preferred over paper logs anyway.

Entrants in category 1 (QRP-Class) are encouraged to provide information about the equipment used and its output power. Entrants using original QRP-rigs will be marked with "*" in the result lists.

By submitting an entry in the DTC Contest you agree that you have red and understood these rules of the contest and agree to be bound by them.
Contest Manager Deadline is October 31st. Please send your logs to the address shown below.

Wolfgang Schwarz, DK9VZ
In den Bleichwiesen 7
65779 Kelkheim/Taunus
Please note that the preferred method of log submission is by e-mail which should be sent to
Awards The top 3 candidates of each class will receive an award. A coloured A4 certificate showing your placement and total score will be issued to all participants. It can be downloaded as personalized certificate in PDF-Format and printed.
(Acrobat PDF)
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