The WHSC Award

HSC issues the Worked HSC Award (WHSC). Only two-way contacts are valid for this award.
Basic award 100 different HSC members of at least 10 countries using 3 different amateur bands. Mode: CW only.
  • 3.5 MHz: 200 HSC members of at least 10 countries, QSOs on 3.5 MHz only
  • 7.0 MHz: 250 HSC members of at least 10 countries, QSOs on 7.0 MHz only
  • 3.5 + 7.0 MHz: 300 HSC members of at least 15 countries, QSOs on 3.5 and 7.0 MHz only
  • ALL BANDS: 500 HSC members of at least 20 countries, QSOs on at least 5 amateur radio bands
General rules
  • Only two-way contacts in CW made since January 1st 1979 are valid. Sorry, there's no SWL category.
  • Each HSC member counts once per band for the basic award and once per band for each sticker.
  • The term "country" refers to the official DXCC country list.
  • Stickers "3.5 + 7.0 MHz" and "ALL BANDS" require at least 25 HSC members per band (Exception: QSOs on VHF/UHF).
  • QSOs made on VHF/UHF count twice for the "ALL BANDS" sticker.
  • QSOs with our club stations DLØHSC, DKØHSC and DAØHSC count 2 points on shortwave and 3 points on VHF/UHF.
  • Fee for basic award is 5 EUR and 1 EUR for each sticker. Sorry, we don't accept US$ any more.
Award application Applications must include a list of call signs in numerical order (HSC membership number) with the following data:

Date, UTC, Band and HSC membership number of the stations worked. Confirm that you have the QSL cards in your possession and that the data on them are in accordance with those on the list. Please submit MS Excel® formatted files if possible.

Applications must be confirmed by an other HSC member or an officer of your local amateur radio club. You don't need to show original QSL cards to the Award Manager. However, if you'd like to do so, please enclose adequate postage (EUR or US$) to cover our expenses for returning the cards back to you. If you're not sure how much postage it takes, ask the Award Manager via E-Mail shown below.

Incorrect application data or confirmation may result in disqualification. The HSC Award Manager's decision is final. He may insist on seeing the original QSL cards.
Send award applications to the HSC Award Manager Hardy Büttig
DL1VDL, WHSC Manager
Am Lindenberg 33
01328 Dresden

Here is a list of all issued WHSC awards

The WHSC Award