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Letters by snail mail send please to the HSC secretary's address shown below. If you'd like to write us an e-mail please consider that every member of the HSC committee gets a copy of your e-mail. Please do not send e-mails with large attachments via the hsc list address. In this case use the direct e-mail address of the recipient.

President HSC Secretary HSC Award Manager HSC Contest Manager HSC
President Secretary Award Manager Contest Manager
Felix Riess, DL5XL Holger Matthiessen, DK4LX Hardy Büttig, DL1VDL Jörg Hahn, PA1MUC
Felix Riess
Süderortsweg 3
27628 Hagen im Bremischen
Holger Matthiessen
Rosenweg 26
36154 Hosenfeld
Dr. Hardy Büttig
Am Lindenberg 33
01328 Dresden
Dr. Jörg Hahn
Crocusstraat 1
2252 XH Voorschoten

Furthermore contributors to the HSC Committee are PAØDIN† (VHSC), DJ5CW, DK9HE, DL8LBK and DL5HCK.

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The HSC - founded in 1951 - is a noncommercial association of radio amateurs organised for the promotion of interest in high speed morse telegraphy for the advancement of radio art and for the maintenance of fraternalism and a high standard of conduct.


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