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Links to web sites of
morse telegraphy organisations

Links to web sites of
radio amateurs and others
Official English-speaking home page of HSC
Learn CW Online Learn morse telegraphy online using your web browser
xHSC Official home pages of our sister clubs VHSC, SHSC and EHSC.
Homepage of GØTUE also dedicated to morse code.
EUCW Europes CW Headquarter: The European CW Association EUCW
RufzXP High speed telegraphy callsign training software
AGCW The German CW Activity Group: Arbeitgsgemeinschaft Telegrafie, AGCW-DL e.V.
QRQ Open Source QRQ telegraphy training software
FMC Friends of SF.B. Morse Club
QRQ Point QRQ Point 3567 kHz
UFT Web site of our French friends: Union Françaises des Télégraphistes
Essex CW ARC Essex CW Amateur Radio Club
HTC Swiss Helvetia Telegraphy Club

FOC The (very) British First Class CW Operators Club