How to become a member of HSC

How to join HSC:

  • Listen on the HSC frequencies 25 kHz from the lower band edges (3570 kHz additionally) and contact as many HSC members as possibile.
  • Use telegraphy speed of 25 wpm or higher and show your ability to read and key this speed perfectly.
  • Use your best operating technique, if possible "bk" (QSK).
  • Be courteous and fair, always observe the laws of Amateur Radio and the unwritten laws of ham spirit.
  • After a few contacts ask the member to send you his recommendation for HSC membership.
  • Only two-way CW contacts for at least 30 minutes will be accepted for a test QSO.
  • These QSOs must last at least 30 minutes under the conditions shown above.

HSC memberhsip certificate

The recommendations from five different HSC members must contain begin and end-time of the QSO as well as CW speed. These recommendations don't expire. Use of a decoder or keyboard during the sponsor QSOs is not permitted.

Update! The application (PDF) for the award may be downloaded here. Please fill in and mail, together with the supporting documents, to the attention of the secretary HSC, see Legal notice.

Please enclose EUR 5 to cover our expenses. There is no further payment for lifelong membership.

Neu New effective April 2016: All membership applications will be announcend on this website. If no reasoned objections raised within 8 weeks the HSC secretary issues the membership award to the applicant. Otherwise the HSC comittee makes a decision. The comittee's decision is final.

CallsignSponsorsObjections untilStatus
IZ2FMEIKØXCB, DK1WI, OK1RR, I2CZQ, I2QILMarch 17th, 2019candidate
DL2KIDM2DZM, DK1DU, DK2DO, DL6LBI, DL4IAMarch 4th, 2019candidate
IZ8NXGI6MAT, I2CZQ, I1YRL, I2QIL, IN3EBZMarch 4th, 2019candidate
DL5IAHDK1WU, DM2DZM, DJ6ZM, DL9FC, DL1ODJanuary 23rd, 2019member
IZ2MGNDM2DZM, OZ1JHM, DL4CF, DL3GLO, DK1WI, DK4LXJanuary 18th, 2019member
I8QFKI1GIS, I2CZQ, I1QII, DK1DU, IT9ULN, DK4LXJanuary 6th, 2019member
F5NTZDF4TS, F5VV, DK1WI, I2QIL, DM2DZMNovember 5th, 2018member
DL3GLODJ5AA, DM2DZM, DL4IA, DL7UGN, DL2WOAugust 8th, 2018member
DJ9BMDM2DZM, DL4CF, DK1WI, DK2DO, DJ7JEMay 18th, 2018member
GØPNMOZ4UN, DL2IAD, ISØAFM, DK1WI, G4BSWMay 8th, 2018member
MMØTWXDL1AH, DK1WI, DK9HE, DF1PY, DF7PXFebruary 16th, 2018member
F5ROBF6EEZ, F6HKS, F8GNV, F6FLF, F5VV, F5AUZJanuary 19th, 2018member
F6EEQF5AUZ, F8GNV, F6GWL, PA3BYW, F5VVJanuary, 19th, 2018member
SQ6SECSQ6JAN, SP7VV, SP3LPR, SP2GBL, SP3CWJuly, 17th, 2017member
DL5DBYDK1WI, DL8CO, DF9ZV, DF5DW, DL3AZApril 26th, 2017member
G4BSWDF4XX, OZ4UN, DL3ZI, DJ3TU, DK1WUApril 20th, 2017member
DL2YAKOE5WLL, DK1OU, SE2I, DL5YCI, DK1QGMarch 25th, 2017member
OE6FEGDK1WU, OE6FYG, HB9AXL, OE6RDD, DK2FGMarch 24th, 2017member
JA1GZVIK8TEO, RM2D, S59AA, VK5EEE, SM4OTIMarch 10th, 2017member
DL9DBIDK1WI, DL6KBH, DL5YCI, DJ6PC, DL7UGNFebruary 8th, 2017member
SP7VVSP2GBL, SP9DBA, SP3LPR, SP3CW, SQ6JANFebruary 8th, 2017member
DJ4XDDK3IR, DL9ABM, DL3ZI, DL5YCI, DK2FGSeptember 26th, 2016member
IZ8YUBIT9LWP, HB9FIR, I6MAT, IKØIXI, IKØYGJ, IK3HZSAugust 25th, 2016member
F8DGYF6FLF, F8GNV, RA1AOM, Z35M, F5VVJuly 4th, 2016member