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September 20th, 2022
New candidate for HSC membership is IUØPJJ. Objections until November 15th, 2022.

Sadly we have to report the passing of HSC 784, OM Fritz, DK1OU who became a silent key on September 5th.

HSC 1852, ex-HA7AP, OM Imi, has moved to the US using the callsign KV1I.

September 10th, 2022
The HSC welcomes as new member no. 2004 OM Jean Claude, F6HDH. Welcome to the club!

More news of the past weeks:

July 1st, 2022
The joint AGCW / HSC booth at the HAM RADIO fair in Friedrichshafen (Lake Constance), Germany, can be considered a success. The QSOs by the remote-station DAØHSC (via DL2CC) could be followed on a screen monitor as well as via loudspeaker. Also the RufzXP competition found much acclaim.

OM Pepi, IN3ZWF (1914), has added the sticker 3,5 MHz to his WHSC award no. 324. Congratulation!

June 13th, 2022
The HSC would like to welcome as new members no. 2002 OM Andy, DL6FA and no. 2003 OM Matteo, IZ3GHP. Welcome to the club!

WHSC Award no. 415 has been achieved by OM Rudi, DL3FF (724). Congratulation!

The mournes the passing of HSC 36, OM Conny, DL1DA. Conny was a member since May 20th, 1951. And we also have to inform you that HSC 429, OM Werner, DJ8SW and HSC 1086, OM Bert, DM5IE, have become silent keys.

May 21st, 2022
We would like to welcome OM Frank, DD2NU, as member no. 2001 to the club. Welcome Frank!

HAM RADIO The HSC is present at the HAM RADIO fair Friedrichshafen, held from June 24th to 26th, 2022. You'll find us in exhibiton hall A1 at booth 350.

April 13th, 2022
New candidate for HSC membership is DL6FA. Objections until June 8th, 2022.

We have to inform you that OM Teun, PA5TT (1061) has become a silent key.

March 25th, 2022
Here we have the results of the February 2022 HSC Contest. The winners are:
1. HSC member: DJ9AO 2. Non-member: SP2R 3. QRP: DM2DZM 4. SWL: -

Congrats to the winners and thank you all for participating! See the PDF file for the results in detail.

We would like to congratulate OM Mato, 9A3SM (1643) for achieving WHSC Award no 414 and all available stickers inclusive!

Last but not least we have a new HSC candidate for full membership, OM Frank, DD2NU. Objections until May 20th, 2022.

February 23rd, 2022
The HSC congratulates DL7UKT for achieving WHSC Award No 413!

Current candidate for HSC membership is DK5KK. Objections until April 20th, 2022.

We sadly have to announce that HSC 847, OM Tadeusz, SP3IPB became a silent key.

February 8th, 2022
Here are the results of the HSC Marathon 2021. The winner is OM Günther DJ8GE (1980) with 1267 QSO points. Congratulation! All results are ready for download via PDF file.

More news of the past weeks:

January 9th, 2022
The HSC wishes to all its member and friends a happy and healthy new year!

We would like to welcome two new members to the club: OM Ralf, DJ1RP signes HSC 1997 and OM Fabrizio, IU1MRY signes HSC 1998. Welcome to the club!

With deep sorrow we have learned about the passing of OM Lothar, DL3GLO (1964).

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