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March 5th, 2019
The HSC would like to welcome two new members: Welcome to the HSC! Fabian, DJ1YFK now offers files suitable for the N1MM logger and WinTest software.

February 3rd, 2019
We sadly have to announce that OM Gert, OE3ZK, HSC 519, has become a silet key.

The HSC congratulates OM Jörg, DL5IAH (1969) for adding the stickers 3.5+7 MHz and ALLBAND to his WHSC Award.

January 26th, 2019
The HSC welcomes OM Jörg, DL5IAH as a new member. Jörg is HSC 1969. Welcome to the club!

January 20th, 2019
The HSC has some fresh news for you:

Achtung! Notice: Due to massive spam we do not accept e-mails from the domain *.com. Such e-mails will be silently discarded. This applies only to our HSC email address shown at the top of the Legal Notice section. Please feel free to directly contact the person you would like to get in touch with. In most cases, the HSC secretary would be the appropriate person.

January 7th, 2019
The HSC wishes to all its member and friends a happy and healthy new year! We have some fresh news for you:
We would like to point out our monthly HSC bulletin, transmitted by DKØHSC, op. DK4LX, every first saturday:
Last but not least a notice from our Secretary DK4LX to all members concerning proposal of membership:

To clarify proper procedures and avoid misunderstandings, I'd like to point out that all statements of sponsorship have to go to the potential candidate for HSC. They can be in the form of a QSL or an email and must contain all relevant and required details of QSO the sponsorship is based on. I do not need any advanced / heads up information. All I am interested in is a complete application package on the part of the prospective HSC member.

Complete means: five fully backed up sponsor documents, award fee as a bill, filled in and signed application form (can be downloaded from the website). A CC copy of any email sponsorship to me is o.k. but not required. It would be nice to have an automated system like LotW to handle everything through mouse clicks, however, as of yet, I'm afraid, we have go with the traditional, time-tested procedures.

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