HSC News

April 16th, 2021
The HSC welcomes two new members: HSC 1989, OM Timo, OH5LLR and HSC 1990, OM Andre, DM1AA. Welcome to the club!

New candidate for HSC membership is DJ3KU.

April 9th, 2021
The HSC welcomes as member no. 1988 OM Bernd, DL6MKA. Welcome!

March 24th, 2021
New candidate for HSC membership is OM Cyril, F5OUX. Further candidates are currently DJ9AO, DM1AA, OH5LLR and DL6MKA.

March 22nd, 2021
Here we have the final results of the HSC Contest February 2021. The HSC congratulates the winners of the four sections: Thank you for participating at the HSC contest and see you again November 7th, 2021! The results in detail are shown in a PDF file you may download on the Contests section.

WHSC Award No 412 has been awarded to OM Hans, DK5JI. Congratulation!

March 5th, 2021
We would like to welcome two new members to the club: Dick, PA3CW is HSC 1986 and Werner, DJ4WG signes HSC 1987. Welcome to the club!

WHSC Award No 411 has been awarded to OM Theo, PA3HEN. Congratulation!

February 26th, 2021
Please remember the upcoming HSC Spring Contest next Sunday, from 1400 to 1700 UTC.

This year we will have all our club stations participating. These include DLØHSC, DKØHSC, DFØHSC and DAØHSC. Special DARC chapert DOKs will be HSC70 issued by DKØHSC and HSC for all other club stations. DK9HE, OM Andy is the new responsible operator for DLØHSC.

February 18th, 2021
New candidate for HSC membership is OM Andre, DM1AA.

February 16th, 2021
Here we have the results of the HSC Marathon 2020. The HSC would like to congratulate DL5DBY (1957), who has won this competition! See the results in detail in section Marathon for download.

New candidate for HSC membership is OM Timo, OH5LLR.

February 7th, 2021
We have to inform you that OM Peter, OM3PA (682) has become a silent key.

New candidate for HSC membership is OM Bernd, DL6MKA.

January 28th, 2021
The HSC has lost two of its members: OM Jean-Claude, FG8NY worked WHSC Award No. 410. Congratulation!

January 7th, 2021
The HSC wishes to all its member and friends a happy and healthy new year!

We have two new candidates for full HSC membership: PA3CW and DJ4WG. Objections until March 4th, 2021.

With deep sorrow we have learned about the passing of OM Walter, DJ5DA (1322).

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