What is HSC?

The HSC was founded in 1951 in Germany. We are a free non-for-profit organisation of friends of high speed morse telegraphy. Until today, more than 1400 radio amateurs all over the world and all continents have joined us. Becoming a member provides excellent telegraphy practice. See Joining Us for more details.

We are without red tape. New members are given a nice certificate and many of them like to use it for decorating their shack. Further information, like club magazines, are not provided. For this reason we don't charge a fee for lifelong membership. There is nothing but a single fee to cover our costs for postage and the certificate. But there is a lot we do: We are very active on the bands and indulge in our passion: high speed telegraphy.

Felix Riess, DL5XL In 2001 we celebrated our 50th anniversary. It was in 1951 when HSC was invented by some of the early high speed nerds like DL1CO, DL1EL and DL7AH. And it was for sure from the beginning: HSC will go public only by its activities on the bands.

The club activities are on the air only. For this reason HSC was never and will never be a registered club. We like to emphazise that HSC is a community of interests within the german radio club DARC e.V. Nevertheless HSC is member of EUCW (European CW Association).

There are several events to foster activities on the bands. The clubstations DKØHSC and DLØHSC, as much as DAØHSC for special events, are active on all bands regularly. Our monthly HSC bulletin comes up with news and information about the club live. Every last Sunday in February and every first Sunday in November we hold our HSC Contest where non-members are also very welcome.
Felix Riess
HSC President

Since 1999 we have a cooperation with Arbeitsgemeinschaft Telegrafie e.V. (AGCW) and Radio Telegraphy Club e.V. (RTC) to host the annual Deutschen Telegrafie-Contest (DTC) which is held on October 3rd. For two-way contacts HSC provides the WHSC award and since 1996 we run our annual HSC marathon. You can find HSC at the HAM RADIO hamfest in Friedrichshafen where we have our own booth. Last but not least the members of HSC are looking forward to their nice CW meetings after having a couple of them during the past years.