HSC Club Stations

The HSC is running the three Club Stations DLØHSC, DKØHSC and DAØHSC. In 2011 the HSC additionally runs the special station DL6ØHSC on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the HSC. In 2016, HSCs 65th anniversary, we brought DP65HSC up into the air.

The club stations are QRV on several occasions like contests, hamfests and they broadcast our monthly HSC Bulletin.

QSL card DL0HSC DLØHSC is our oldest club station, which has been established by our former President Edgar Schnell, DL6MK (19, SK).

Today it is used particularly for broadcasting the monthly HSC Bulletin (No. 1 in June 1980). Tom, DL2FAK (921), succeeded Edgar.

From April 1994 to January 2012, Alf, DL1TL (18) has been the operator at DLØHSC. Alf broadcasted the monthly HSC bulletin for almost 18 years from his location in Leverkusen, Germany. Since January 2012 Joe, DK7VW (1709) is the responsible operator at DLØHSC.

HSC Bulletins:
  • The HSC bulletins are broadcasted on the first Saturday of each month.
  • At 15 UTC the broadcast takes place on 7,025 KHz in English language.
  • At 21 UTC (20 UTC during daylight saving time) in German language on 3,555 KHz.
Speed is about 20 wpm. The transmission will be followed by a ZAP traffic. After that, the bulletin will be repeated at 35 wpm.

The picture on the right shows another QSL card of DLØHSC. It has beens issued on occasion of the 30th Anniversary of HSC in 1981.

And of course, all HSC club stations issue membership numbers. DLØHSC is no. 1001.


QSL card DL0HSC Over the years we used different themes for QSL cards. The one shown on the left was used on occasion of the 50th Anniversary of HSC in 2001.

In the past, DLØHSC occasionally participated in DXpeditions to HV, 5B, 9H, FC and other countries.

On the right you see the theme of a QSL card usable for two call signs. This one was used for DKØHSC.

At the beginning of the 1980's, DKØHSC has been established by Edgar, DL6MK to have a second club call. After he became an SK, Ernst, DL1PM (14), became responsible. He runs DKØHSC until he died in early 2004. After that, Fred, DL3ZI (229) and Wang, DK4AN (771) run DKØHSC. Since December 2017 Holger, DK4LX (816) is the operator of DKØHSC.

DKØHSC issues HSC no. 1551.

QSL card DK0HSC DKØHSC got his own QSL card theme on occasion of the 50th Anniversary of HSC. The special DOK HSC50 has been issued to all three HSC club stations for a limited time in 2001 enhancing our festivities.

If you are collecting DOK numbers for the German DLD Award, you may work one of the HSC club stations: Only these three stations issue the special DOK HSC nowadays. For evaluation of the German DTC Contest and WHSC Award, QSOs count twice or triple.

Last but not least, the HSC holds the special call sign DAØHSC under supervision of DK5JI 911).

DAØHSC issues membership no. 1688.


QSL card DA0HSC In the past, DAØHSC has been activated by several radio amateurs at hamfests, contests and other occasions.

65 years High Speed Club - Special callsign DP65HSC

In 2016, the Radio Telegraphy High Speed Club (HSC) was celebrating its 65th anniversary. To mark this event, HSC was granted the special DOK number HSC65 to be used by its club stations DAØHSC, DKØHSC and DLØHSC throughout 2016.

Furthermore, the special call sign DP65HSC was assigned to HSC to be activated exclusively in CW. It also used the special DOK number HSC65. Its HSC number is 1951, which is the year when the HSC was founded. QSL via bureau, DCL or LoTW.

Amateurs attaining a minimum of 650 points in the HSC Marathon 2016 has been awarded a special trophy. Also the HSC had issued an award WHSC65 for which all HSC-CW-QSO are valid made during the month May 2016.

Special event stations "65 Years of HSC"

As far as we know the following stations has been active: DP65HSC, LZ65HSC, SQ65HSC, PA65HSC, PB65HSC.

Sonderstation DP65HSC

Our member Artur, SP3LPR (1481) was QRV using the special event callsign SQ65HSC. The picture shows the front of the very nice designed QSL card.

Sonderstation SQ65HSC

OM Jörg, PA1MUC/DL3LUM (HSC 1923) was the operator of the special station PA65HSC located in the Netherlands.

Sonderstation PA65HSC